Luis Doporto

Luis Doporto is a Spanish entrepreneur who owns United Medical Group. He started with a small drugstore in Valencia, Spain, where he sold basic over-the-counter medicines and first-aid needs which were highly needed back then. As he was able to build a network of his own with the numerous people who invested with him in franchising drugstores, he was able to set up his own corporation, the United Medical Group. The corporation was built with the vision of empowering local drugstores and providing affordable medicines to the locals.

Luis studied and finished a degree in Pharmacy in Madrid, and did his post-graduate studies in San Francisco, USA. He returned with innovative business ideas that changed the image of drugstores in Spain.

Luis’s married Clarisse Iglesias at the age of 32, and they were blessed with 3 children aged 31, 25, and 23 respectively (as of 2016). The eldest and the second child are both studying Medicine, inspired by their family business. The youngest, Natalia Doporto is studying Interior Design.

United Medical Group holds the leading medicine brands in Spain. Their contribution to the Spanish locals, especially those who cannot afford quality medicine, is indeed overwhelming. Luis’s story is a proof that perseverance goes a long way.